Keep them communicating
wherever your team happens to be.

Let’s face it. You didn’t even know what “New Normal” meant when you started 2020.

And now the world takes wild turns on a nearly daily basis. It’s hard to keep up. Successfully running your business in 2020 means you need to be nimble and adaptable. You can’t afford mistakes or missteps—even the simplest error could cost you everything. RyTel will help you navigate the ever-changing “New Normal” world to ensure that your business communications tools and services are capable and ready to handle whatever comes next.

When it comes to your business, clear communication between your team and customers matters now more than ever. You can’t afford dropped calls, low-quality connections or being out of touch. You and your team need instant-access to each other and your customers need simple access to employees that have the right answers—no matter where in the world anyone is. Keeping your team connected—to each other and your prized customers—shouldn’t be a problem that’s keeping you awake at night. RyTel Hosted bridges that gap and confidently guides you into the New Normal for how teams communicate.


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Always Modern Tools

Rytel’s cloud-based business talk/text/video solutions offer unmatched scalability, high-definition quality, modern tech and tools, and 99.999% uptime. We don’t use antiquated hardware systems (like PBX) that degrade and depreciate over time. Our business-class web portal and desk phones offer the latest features like SMS/text and video capability along with insanely convenient online tools and apps for unrivaled flexibility. 

Remote Work Paradise

With all or part of your team working from home, there may be less time by the water cooler these days. Luckily, with Rytel, accessing your team won’t feel much different. Our desktop phones have reliable crystal-clear call quality with available noise cancellation and video chat. Our included online portal and smartphone app allow your team to make or answer calls on their personal or business-owned cell phones, manage modern voicemail tools, and increase efficiency with texting. Whether your trusted team is in the office next door, down the road, or on the other side of the planet, you’ll feel like they’re right there with you. Your employees can easily transfer calls to anyone else in your team, start conference calls or meetings, relay important voice messages, and more.

Disaster Prevention

Because Rytel’s services are cloud-based, you can stop worrying about downtime from power outages or other service disruptions. We offer redundancy tools that allow you to instantly switch your fiber/cable connection to LTE or 5G if the power goes out or a line gets cut. If a team member is unavailable, your Rytel solution will ring other team members simultaneously to ensure that important customer calls are answered. We cover all the bases to ensure that your business communications are always on and available.

Lower Cost & No Long-Term Commitments

Rytel Hosted eliminates complex and costly PBX systems that require expensive IT support and maintenance. Our cloud-based system is always up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities. Plus, our powerful desktop phones can be integrated into one low monthly cost or you can buy your own. And, our simple interface allows you to personalize every detail to meet each team member’s exact needs.

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Custom Integrations

We do the work to learn how your business operates, so we can provide you with a customized experience that meets your needs. Rytel Hosted integrates all the features you need, recommends best solutions (often things you never knew you needed), and will train your team for success. We offer best-in-class support to keep your team happy and successful as they use Rytel’s hosted talk/text/video solutions to help your business grow.

Prepare your business for anything the world throws at it. With RyTel Hosted, your team can communicate from any location just like they’re at the office. Call us now to learn more.

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