Auto Attendant – What is it and why do you need it?

auto attendant

Numerous business phone systems have been invented in the business industry, and unlike in the past, where they served as a tool for making and receiving calls, today’s unified communications systems have enabled employees to communicate through texts, video, and their phone. This has given many businesses the opportunity and flexibility to connect with clients and coworkers in any form they may prefer. The market for the business phone system has greatly grown to offer many options to choose from, among them being the use of an auto attendant. 

An auto-attendant is a form of a communication system that is used by businesses to direct callers to their intended party without human interaction, sometimes referred to as interactive voice response (IVR). Each business should fully understand how an auto attendant functions to ensure it impacts their businesses positively. 

What is an Auto Attendant? 

An auto attendant is a term that is used in a telephony setting to describe a system of voice menu prompts that allows callers to be transferred to an extension or number without having to go through a receptionist or an operator. 

Auto Attendants facilitate smoother call handling because they enable a caller to route to their intended party without having to explain their reason for calling to multiple parties. The auto attendant filters callers through the appropriate channels, which helps reduce the number of misplaced calls and callers left on hold. Call handling is therefore enhanced by the auto attendant and ensures that the needs of customers are dealt with in a timely manner. This feature also effectively frees up your operators and receptionists for other tasks. 

auto attendant

Virtual Operator 

An auto attendant consists of various features such as answering incoming calls with greeting messages, transferring calls and routing option prompts, as well as offering general information about the business. It also can house an automated company directory that lists the name of users which let callers dial an extension automatically. 

Often referred to as a virtual operator, they allow your business to have a greeting message play when someone calls in. Then present the caller with a list of options to choose from to direct their call. The auto attendant then effectively manages call transferring and routing based on the caller’s selections. 

Auto Attendant Benefits 

Auto attendant offers various benefits such as a company’s professional image, consistent quality of service, handling of calls 24/7, faster and quick call handling, and monetary savings. Most auto attendants are used due to the cost savings they provide in the business industry because maintaining a call center or hiring many receptionists creates high ongoing financial costs. Some of these costs may include salaries and wages to the operators, training costs, and recruitment costs. 

An auto attendant is a consistent service and a uniform experience for customers because the system is virtualized, which makes the call handling always the same. This enables the business to handle calls outside business hours. A professional image for the business is maintained because potential business clients cannot get away through missed calls and they will be left impressed and satisfied with the service, thus promoting the reputation and brand of your business. 

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Solutions for Your Success 

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