Retail & Restaurant Phone System

Get a Custom Phone System to Meet Your Retail & Restaurant Needs.

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Our VoIP Technology Promotes Your Company's Growth

Stay connected with more and more customers as your business expands, by switching to a phone system that can scale with your retail or restaurant business. At RyTel, we deliver VoIP phone service to meet your needs and businesses demand. As a result, your business can handle high call volumes and call routing with ease.

A Reliable Phone System for Retail & Restaurant

In the restaurant and retail industry, your success is dependent on connecting with your customers in real time. That’s why, when you choose RyTel, your customers will experience high-quality, uninterrupted connectivity so that they can communicate with you effectively. Because our system is designed with a geo-redundant architecture, you stay connected with your customers even in the event of an issue.

Conveniently Manage Incoming Calls

You have an important business, so why settle for a system that's not capable of handling your needs? RyTel Hosted Voice offers your customers a quick and seamless call experience, whether through an on-site receptionist or our virtual auto attendant. In addition, easily manage your retail or restaurant business with a reliable phone system that you can take with you, anywhere!

We Keep You Connected

At RyTel Hosted Voice, we boast the highest industry standard of 99.999% uptime. So you'll never have to fret about outages. Traditional analog phone services and even other VoIP providers don't offer back-up plans. Which leaves you at risk for chaos and profit loss. Because of our integrated cellular failover option, your phones always stay connected so that your business can thrive.

Competitive Pricing

Our retail or restaurant phone systems deliver a powerful set of enterprise-grade features that are uniquely tailored to small and medium business markets. Which include advanced features like auto attendants, voicemail to email and video conferencing, coupled with a competitive price for a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

Flexibility For Your Business

Flexible term options or month-to-month contracts with no cancellation fees. Plus simple billing with no hidden fees. Add or remove features in real time. Buy our next generation equipment or provide your own. Not to mention, with our mobile and collaboration tools you can work remotely from anywhere in the world.


Catch and correct network or equipment issues in real-time.


Up-time = Profit

Multiple Sites

Our software platform provides visibility of your sites.

Experienced Team

Our world-class client services team works for you.


24/7/365 monitoring of your network and connectivity.

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Capex or Opex?

Have it your way. RyTel Hosted Voice offers phone and equipment through outright purchase or via a DaaS (Device as a Service) rental.

Our options allow businesses of all sizes to get the equipment they need while staying within their budget

business internet service

Internet Connectivity

A hosted environment requires an adequate high-speed broadband connection. Clients can bring-their-own-bandwidth or secure connectivity through RyTel Hosted Service. Based on your site location and network requirements, we offer a variety of vendors, speed, and delivery options at highly competitive prices.


is lost in revenue every year from missed or dropped calls! To avoid this huge problem, you NEED RyTel Hosted!

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RyTel hosted is proud to partner with Warrior Rising in an effort to help Vetrepreneurs in their mission to succeed.

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