VoIP Service Failover

VoIP Service Failover guarantees you can run your business, even in the event of an issue.

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Stay Connected Through Our Cellular Contingency Solution

You can’t conduct a lucrative business if your phone system isn’t reliable. Never experience another service outage again with our cellular contingency plan. We utilize robust 4G VoIP service and devices to provide a dedicated cellular backup solution in the event of a main circuit outage. That means that you won’t have to anticipate outages or deal with the chaos that often accompanies them with our voip service.

A Variety of Cellular Options

With RyTel Hosted voice, you will have access to our extensive network of reputable cellular providers. Such as AT&T, Sprint, and Nitel. If you have questions, or if you’re unsure of which cellular provider to choose for your failover, let us guide you through the differences of each so you can make the most informed decision for your business needs.

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Our Valued clients say

"We have switched from Jive to Rytel. Our phone systems have drastically improved. Rytel has been easy to use and get assistance."
Casey Stettler
"Rytel makes hosted telephony services a breeze. The feature set and customer service is top notch. Migrating my clients over to Rytel was easy and fully supported by Rytel staff. I would highly recommend Rytel to those looking for competitive price and feature rich hosted phone experience."
TJ Burbank
"We have worked with the Rytel team for nearly 2 years, and now use their full range of internet and VOIP solutions across our 10+ locations"
Roy Ostendorf
"We've been extremely happy with Rytel. The call quality is great. We've got nothing to complain about!"
Jeff Grant
"As an IT Professional, I have helped several businesses transition telephony to Rytel. Pricing is always competitive. Features are top end. I find Rytel to be flexible, scalable, and able to accommodate most any unique business need. In the world of VoIP technology, there are many options to choose from. The larger providers require lots of hoops and contracts and portals to work thru. Rytel is operator owned. Response is usually immediate and has no bureaucracy. Talking with the owner is always an option. They provide portal configuration if you prefer, but also will make modifications for you as needed. Rytel is a great value and easy to work with."
Randy Grover

Capex or Opex?

Have it your way. RyTel Hosted Voice offers phone and equipment through outright purchase or via a DaaS (Device as a Service) rental.

Our options allow businesses of all sizes to get the equipment they need while staying within their budget

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Internet Connectivity

A hosted environment requires an adequate high-speed broadband connection. Clients can bring-their-own-bandwidth or secure connectivity through RyTel Hosted Service. Based on your site location and network requirements, we offer a variety of vendors, speed, and delivery options at highly competitive prices.


is lost in revenue every year from missed or dropped calls! To avoid this huge problem, you NEED RyTel Hosted!

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