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Video Conferencing Solution - RyTel Hosted

Video Conferencing Done Right

We believe everyone should have access to free, reliable, and trustworthy video conferencing solutions. That’s why we created You don’t need an account to access this platform, just internet accessIt’s now easier than ever to communicate and collaborate with anyone, from anywhere. is a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution, and available for all users.

Supply Your Workforce with the Tools They Need

It can be hard for your entire workforce to be in one place at one time, especially as remote workforces become the new norm, and your staffing situations need to be more fluid. Video conferencing brings back that face to face communication that your teams need to maintain a higher level of collaboration. Communicating between team members is easier than ever with this video conferencing solution.

Communicate and Collaborate in Style supplies you with an array of helpful features that can improve your businesses video conferencing and make the entire process more enjoyable for the whole team. Some of the features you can expect with include:

  • HD Video/Video Quality Control 
  • In-Call Chat  
  • Screenshare Capabilities 
  • Host Controls 
  • Active Speaker Detection 
  • Easy Shareability 
  • Device Change Capabilities  
  • Raise/Lower Hand

These are just a few of the features you can expect from, with even more features integrated into our platform

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Our Valued clients say

"Rytel has been great to work with on phones. Great pricing and excellent service. Updates and adding additional phones to our account have been very quick. They have sent someone to help us any time we have had questions or problems. Mark and his team are great."
Russell Woodward
Oakdell Egg Farms
"Preston School District has had our entire hosted phone system with Rytel for over 2 years now. We have been completely satisfied with both the call quality and customer service provided by Rytel. From day one the Rytel team has been responsive to our needs for service and has made it very ease to expand our phone system as our district grows."
Steve Crookston
Preston School District


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