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woman using a unified communications solution

Future-Proof Your Workplace with RyTel’s Unified Communications Solution

RyTel’s unified communications solution is the future of business. It encourages innovation, grows your company’s footprint across various locations, and unifies all communication channels to fuel growth for everyone involved in the process. Plus, RyTel Hosted phone system’s integrate with CRMs like Sales Force, Zoho, and more!  Unified

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team celebrating a nonprofit phone system

VoIP: The Nonprofit Phone Systems of the Future

As an organization whose main purpose is not focused on generating income, it is important to watch the bottom line closely. Even though the nonprofit industry makes up $1.04 trillion in our gross domestic product, most of that money does not stay within

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how to stop robocalls - cellphone with Scam Caller Telemarketer on caller ID

How to Stop Robocalls

Have you ever wondered how to stop robocalls? Did you know that most phone calls in the United States are made by autodialers? These phone calls are classified as robocalls. Millions of these spam calls are made per day, with

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phone systems for restaurants

Phone Systems for Restaurants

Have you been looking for phone systems for restaurants that perfectly fit your needs? At Rytel Hosted, we know there are a number of options available regarding phone systems for restaurants. So, which is the right choice? And how will it help your business?   In the service industry a phone call can set the tone for the atmosphere of your business. We want to provide your restaurant with the

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UCaaS Call

UCaaS Levels the Playing Field

Did you know that 60% of small businesses that closed due to the pandemic will not reopen? In our current economy, navigating the waters of owning a small business can be difficult. As a small business owner, you have enough obstacles to work through without feeling like the small fish in a

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Kristina Niles Army National Guard Interview Featured Image with Helicopter

Meet RyTel: Kristina Niles

RyTel is a communications solutions provider committed to helping veterans succeed in the business world. While providing wonderful service and solutions to our customers, RyTel looks to give back by hiring those who serve our country and providing them with

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What Is A Video Conferencing Tool?

A well functioning video conferencing tool is becoming more in demand by the year. As our communications and situations change, the need only seems to be increasing. Video conferencing, or VCaaS (Video Conferencing as a Service), is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to communicate face to

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auto attendant

Auto Attendant – What is it and why do you need it?

Numerous business phone systems have been invented in the business industry, and unlike in the past, where they served as a tool for making and receiving calls, today’s unified communications systems have enabled employees to communicate through texts, video, and

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what is voip - featured image

What is VoIP?

VoIP. If you’ve been looking into business phone system solutions for a while now, then we’re sure you’ve seen that acronym. But what exactly is VoIP, and how can it help your business? At RyTel, we know there are a

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Hosted Phone Service

The Many Names of Hosted Phone Services

There are a million different internet hosted phone services out there. So many that it can be difficult to keep straight what the differences are, and what are the best options for your business. Well, we’ve got great news for you! They’re all essentially the same!  

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Changing Telecom Market

Changing Times in the Telecom Market

Computing technology has improved in ways that are simply revolutionary. These rapid changes to the industry have turned the telecom market completely upside down. Technology has never been so advanced and user-friendly as it is today. While a global pandemic is

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Facing the New Normal

Facing the New Normal

Communicating with your team, wherever they happen to be. When COVID-19 struck the world, all our hopes for a new decade quickly dissolved. No one could have predicted the need to adapt to a “New Normal” way of life. As

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remote phone system

Remote Phone System

Your Remote Workers Want Mobility Remote work and working from home have seen a massive increase due to COVID-19. And analysts agree that the popularity of remote work will continue to grow in the coming years. While there are plenty

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what is unified communications or uc

What Is Unified Communications?

What is Unified Communications or UC? Unified Communications (UC) provides a platform where you can access a plethora of different communication channels under one roof. It becomes your home base for all things, voicemail, telephone, audio/video conferencing, chat, and fax. In the past, companies have had

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work remotely from home

Work Remotely With Hosted Service

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 (coronavirus), work from home and work remotely is redefining the business world. Many offices are scrambling to keep their workers up and running from home. While using personal devices at first worked, many at home

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cloud based phone system benefits

Cloud Based Phone System Benefits

This year is finally your year to make the switch to a cloud based phone system, and here’s why. As I’m sure you’ve heard, cloud based telephone service is way more feature-packed and cost effective than traditional PBX systems. Not

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