How Contact Centers Embrace Change in Work Expectations with Hybrid Work 

Employee enjoying the pro features of a cloud-based contact center solutions from Rytel

How can contact centers answer the growing hybrid work trend? A 2023 Gallup survey revealed that the prevailing trend in post-2020 work style isn’t entirely on-site or remote–it’s hybrid. In May 2020, 20 percent of remote-capable employees worked both in the office and remotely. By May of 2023, hybrid employees rose to 52 percent.   

Hybrid work comes with some benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. One such example is that hybrid employees have more flexibility. They spend less time on their commute and can work through events that would otherwise need them to use PTO (like being home for AC repairs.) At the same, employers attract quality candidates who are growing to expect hybrid work options while the office is available for face-to-face collaboration.  

However, hybrid work comes with technical challenges. Employees need to securely and seamlessly access their projects wherever they are – whether that’s at work, at home, or at their local coffee shop.  

So, how can contact center employees enjoy the benefits of hybrid work without sacrificing customer experience? We’ll dive into that below. 

Why Forgoing Hybrid Options is a Mistake 

Hybrid work has several attractive benefits, but it may sound too messy to implement in your business’s contact centers. Why not just skip it and offer other benefits to employees? Trends toward hybrid and remote work started in 2020 by necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they have grown because job seekers have come to expect it.  

The Gallup survey also found that over half of remote-capable employees expect and prefer hybrid work. Contact centers have high turnover rates, averaging around 30 to 45 percent. It can be a tough job, especially when your contact center employees are tasked with helping frustrated or disgruntled callers.  

Many companies address turnover by working to improve training programs, provide ongoing support, recognize and reward achievements, and offer career growth opportunities.  

Offering hybrid work options to contact center employees communicates a commitment to flexibility and work-life balance. Here’s why: 

  1. It signifies an understanding that employees have diverse needs and responsibilities outside of work.  
  1. The hybrid model allows contact center employees to have a mix of remote and in-office work, providing them with the autonomy to choose an arrangement that suits their preferences and personal circumstances.  
  1. Flexibility can enhance job satisfaction, reduce the stress associated with commuting, and contribute to a healthier work-life integration.  
  1. Offering hybrid work may be seen as a progressive approach that values the well-being and productivity of contact center employees, potentially leading to increased loyalty and retention. 

Contact center employees may seek opportunities elsewhere if they are not offered flexible work options. Consequently, many employers now provide such options to adapt to this trend. 

Hybrid Contact Center Solutions are Easier Than You Think 

The good news is that responding to the hybrid work trend is easier than it sounds. At RyTel, we offer cloud-based UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), which means you can get all the benefits of a robust contact center from anywhere with an internet connection. Your switch to the cloud might not just make hybrid work possible; it may make your contact center perform better.  

RyTel’s cloud-based contact center solutions offer tailored environments with seamless integrations, enabling organizations to add channels and integrate systems like CRM for enhanced customer insights.  

Easy Cloud Management 

Easily manage your cloud-based phone service system through a hassle-free and user-friendly portal. There is no need to bear costly and complex hardware upgrades when adding lines, updating your system, or performing maintenance. All you require is an active internet connection.   

Nine-Nine All the Time 

Unbeatable geo-redundancy and service failover keep your business communications operational even in the event of disasters, big and small. A burst pipe or a hurricane could take down a traditional phone system, putting your contact center out of commission. With 99.999 percent uptime, you can be confident that your contact center will continue offering service to your callers when needed.   

Incorporate Advanced Features 

Get ahead in business with our advanced features, including voicemail-to-email and call routing. Because there is no need for complex hardware installation, new features can be integrated seamlessly when they become available.  

As organizations transition to cloud-based contact centers, they gain a competitive edge, outpacing those still reliant on on-premises architectures. 

Embrace Changing Work Expectations 

Consider adopting a cloud-based contact center solution to provide your contact center employees with the flexibility they desire while maintaining customer satisfaction.   

RyTel’s UCaaS solution offers the perfect platform for a hybrid contact center, enabling your employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection. With advanced features, easy cloud management, and unbeatable uptime, your contact center will be ready to tackle any challenge while providing your employees with the work-life balance they are looking for.   

Contact RyTel today to learn more about how our cloud-based contact center solutions can help you stay ahead of the curve in the growing trend of hybrid work.

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