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Upgrade from traditional PBX to cloud business phone service and experience a more reliable solution. Take your communications to the next level with RyTel Business Phone Service.

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Add Benefit to Your Business with Cloud Phone Service

With RyTel Hosted, you’ll keep your existing phone hardware while gaining access to several of the benefits of a cloud business phone system. That means better service without too much change. Plus, we supply service that seamlessly integrates with multiple premise-based systems. In other words, you get top-notch, compatible service without the cost that comes with upgrading your entire system.

Better Communications with UCaaS

We know that communication and collaboration are central to the success of any business. That’s why we offer UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). Complete with video conferencing, online meetings, and enterprise messaging. No matter the size of your business, UCaaS can be scaled to meet your specific and varied communication needs. You and your team will enjoy user-friendly collaboration features that are sure to keep everyone on the same page.

mobile app

Maintain your Business identity with our mobile app for Android and iOS. Never miss an important call again with your new business phone service!

Cloud Management

Manage your cloud phone service phone system from an easy to use, no hassle portal. All you need is an internet connection.

advanced features

Stay ahead in business with our top features, including voicemail-to-email, call routing, and so much more!

99.999% Availability

Unbeatable geo-redundancy and service failover keeps your business communications operational even in the event of an issue.

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Frequently Asked

The “Cloud” is a software that is installed on a remote server somewhere in the world, and you access via the internet. A more comfortable and convenient way better than the past when you would purchase a piece of software and install it on a particular machine, and then access that software only from that machine at that specific location.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that works by converting sound into digital voice communication. Instead of sending and receiving calls over “traditional” copper landline telephone infrastructure, instead, that information is transmitted over an active Internet connection making your business phone service more reliable and accessible from anywhere.

A typical VoIP setup requires a router and a switch, but not always depending on the size of your operation. For any VoIP phone system to work, you need an adequate broadband internet connection.

These are digital telephones which connect directly to the internet via a router and comes in both cordless and corded models.

Our Valued clients say

"Preston School District has had our entire hosted phone system with Rytel for over 2 years now. We have been completely satisfied with both the call quality and customer service provided by Rytel. From day one the Rytel team has been responsive to our needs for service and has made it very ease to expand our phone system as our district grows. Over the past few months, as Preston School district and its employees struggled to manage communications during this COVID 19 pandemic, the team at Rytel Hosted was there with invaluable suggestions and assistance on how to best deploy our phones and make sure everyone stayed connected with our students and staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Rytel Hosted to any organization that is considering making a change in their phone system."
Steve Crookston
"Great customer service. I would recommend RyTel to anyone!"
Dave Kendall
"As an IT Professional, I have helped several businesses transition telephony to Rytel. Pricing is always competitive. Features are top end. I find Rytel to be flexible, scalable, and able to accommodate most any unique business need. In the world of VoIP technology, there are many options to choose from. The larger providers require lots of hoops and contracts and portals to work thru. Rytel is operator owned. Response is usually immediate and has no bureaucracy. Talking with the owner is always an option. They provide portal configuration if you prefer, but also will make modifications for you as needed. Rytel is a great value and easy to work with."
Randy Grover
"We have worked with Rytel for a couple of years now. We could not be more pleased with our phone systems and their customer service is the best. I give them our highest recommendation."
Ted Madsen
"We have switched from Jive to Rytel. Our phone systems have drastically improved. Rytel has been easy to use and get assistance."
Casey Stettler
"Rytel makes hosted telephony services a breeze. The feature set and customer service is top notch. Migrating my clients over to Rytel was easy and fully supported by Rytel staff. I would highly recommend Rytel to those looking for competitive price and feature rich hosted phone experience."
TJ Burbank
"We have worked with the Rytel team for nearly 2 years, and now use their full range of internet and VOIP solutions across our 10+ locations"
Roy Ostendorf
"We've been extremely happy with Rytel. The call quality is great. We've got nothing to complain about!"
Jeff Grant

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