Considering a New VoIP Provider? Ask These 5 Questions 

Considering a New VoIP Provider? Ask These 5 Questions

The core elements of effective communication have not changed throughout history (message, channel, receptor). Yet, the dynamics in which we communicate now have drastically changed by one thing: technology. 

Although landlines and plain old telephone services (POTS) have served their purpose for decades, they are no longer relevant to today’s business communications. In fact, since 2020, VoIP and video conferencing have grown by almost 212 percent. 

Like its predecessors, VoIP provides reliable communications and voice, but it also offers the features and flexibility businesses need in these modern times. If you’re considering switching to a new VoIP provider, these are the 5 questions you should ask any provider before deciding. 

How Is the Installation Process? 

You need to ask this question to know if your expectations are going to be met. Not all VoIP providers offer a hands-on installation. Some will send a tutorial, and others might offer guidance over a phone call or video conference. The installation process can vary depending on your needs and equipment, so in addition, you can also ask if you need to purchase new or additional hardware, or if you’re good to go with your current tools. 

What Features Do You Offer and Are They Customizable? 

VoIP providers offer a wide range of features that can help you automate tasks and improve your customer service, management, and overall business performance. However, not every provider offers the same features, and not every feature is going to be ideal for your business. 

That’s why it’s important to ask about their different features and whether you can customize a plan that’s ideal for your business. 

What Happens If I Want to Add More New Users? 

One of the most essential benefits VoIP has to offer is its ability to provide flexibility. Yes, you can communicate wherever you are with an internet connection, but it also allows you to grow or reduce your team as needed. If you’re someone who wants to take full advantage of the flexibility VoIP offers, ask your providers how you can add more users, how fast the process is, how it affects the pricing, and if your plan needs to change every time you grow or reduce the number of users. 

Do You Offer VoIP Failover? 

VoIP failover is a backup system in case your VoIP experiences failures, from network or power outages to emergencies and natural disasters. Having a VoIP provider that offers VoIP failover ensures that your business won’t be disconnected from your customers, no matter what happens. 

Besides asking if it counts with VoIP failover, you also need to ask if it’s included in your regular pricing, if it’s a monthly extra fee, and so on. 

How Good Is Your Customer Service? 

 This is something you need to know about your future VoIP provider in case you need them. What are their customer service channels? Do they offer hands-on service or help? How can you submit a ticket? Do they have call representatives? Is it 24/7? Do they provide other guidelines or materials, etc.? 

You also need to complement this question with quick online research. What reviews do they have, and what do other people say about them and their services? Platforms such as Google Reviews are a fast way to get a glimpse of other people’s experiences with a company and can help you avoid falling into the hands of mediocre VoIP providers. 

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