Choosing the Right Business Internet & Phone Service Provider 

Business man and woman choosing business internet and phone service providers

It comes as no surprise that there is no shortage of business internet and phone service providers. From large companies that have been around for decades to local providers who’re just getting started, businesses have their hands full trying to pick the perfect one for them. Especially since everyone claims to be “the perfect fit.” 

We’re not going to tell you what business internet and phone service providers to consider. After all, what’s good for you may not be good for someone else. What we will give you are a few key characteristics you should look for when finding that perfect fit.  

1. Reliable Service. 

This one will require a little research on your part. Dig into the reputation of the business internet and phone service providers you’re considering. Do they have a good track record of reliable internet and phone service? How many outages have they had this year? All of these questions are important because the last thing you need is spotty service. 

2. Expertise in Both Internet & Phone Solutions.  

Let’s face it. Sometimes business internet and phone service providers are just internet providers masquerading as phone providers. Or vice versa.  How can you tell if a company doesn’t specialize in one of these services? There’s no perfect way to tell, however here are a few common “red flags” to look out for: 

  • If they have more information on one service than they do on the other. 
  • If their offerings are severely limited (ie they just offer business internet for their internet solutions, nothing else). 
  • If their phrasing is too vague (professionals will usually be short, sweet, and to the point with their service descriptions). 

3. Flexibility When it Comes to Their Solutions.

Not every business needs the fastest internet or the most high-end phone system. Great business internet and phone service providers will know this and offer a variety of plans that can fit your budget while meeting your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask if you get discounts for bundling phone and internet with them! Many providers give discounts to customers that purchase multiple services. 

4. Excellent, 24/7 Customer Support. 

If there’s an outage, or your phone system goes haywire, you’re going to need assistance from your provider ASAP. So, it’s important to ask these questions during your research:  

  • What kind of support do your business internet and phone service providers offer – a hotline, an email address, an online portal?  
  • Are they available 24/7?  
  • How high are their ratings on common review sites? 
  • Do they offer online training courses for their products? 

Answering these questions early on will keep you from being disappointed later. 

5. Fast, Dedicated Connections (Internet-Specific). 

When choosing business internet and phone service providers, be sure you know what kind of upload and download speed you can expect from each package. It’s also important to know if you’re purchasing dedicated internet services or sharing your bandwidth with other companies. Sharing your services with another company often leads to slower speeds during high traffic hours, causing great frustration for your employees. 

6. Clearly Articulated Contracts & Terms. 

A poor business internet and phone service provider will hide behind legal jargon in order to milk you for all you’ve got. Be sure the provider you choose tells you – in clear terms – exactly what you’ll be getting when you purchase from them. Is hardware provided or do you need to rent it? Do you have to set things up yourself or will an expert walk you through? Is it a yearly contract or a month-to-month agreement? And so on. Having a provider that’s transparent with you is crucial to getting the best internet and phone services possible.  

While there are probably many unique needs that we didn’t cover, we hope you found these six guidelines helpful! 

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