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Business messaging is changing the customer service of the business industry. With increased users preferring messaging to verbal connections, it is important to offer this avenue to customers.  

97% of adult Americans today own a cell phone. These statistics help prove that business messaging, like the solution provided by RyText, can benefit your business in big ways. There are several uses cases for business messaging. Below, we will dive into just a few of these cases.  

In-House Messaging 

Messaging within the company can be a fast and effortless way to communicate with everyone at once. This is a great alternative to time-consuming email. Knowing that your employees will receive messages in a timely manner can help boost morale by opening lines of communication between employees and employers. In-house messaging from RyText is also great for large businesses where distance is an issue. No matter how far departments or offices are, messaging is lightning quick.  

Receipts and Invoices 

The eco-friendly alternative to sending out paper invoices and printing receipts is their digital counterparts. Businesses can send these items directly to customer devices through RyText messaging. As businesses look for ways to become more environmentally friendly, paper products like these could become a “thing of the past.” 

Delivery and Curbside Notifications 

There are many companies that send delivery notifications with business messaging. This has become especially popular with delivery services such as UPS, meal deliveries, and other perishable delivery services. The best part about these messages is that they are automated, so there is no need for an employee to take time out of their workday to message customers.  

Curbside notifications are utilized by businesses to communicate with their customers before the delivery happens. For example, if a customer has placed an order, the business can message their customers to communicate that their order is ready. This helps streamline the delivery process. 

Retail Marketing 

Retail businesses have begun using messaging to communicate special promotions to their customers. They have also started using business messaging to host special events and discounts for their loyal customers, creating a digital loyalty program.  


Covid-19 has increased the need for business messaging in the restaurant and service industries. Restaurants have begun using messaging to notify customers of availability, delivery information, curbside notifications, as well as special promotions. Restaurants have also started using digital menus that allow for order collection to take place via text.  

Grocery Delivery  

There has been a major rise in grocery deliveries in the past year and a half. Business messaging helps the stores communicate with their customers. Also, the customers and delivery drivers can communicate through business texting as well. This protects everyone’s personal information while enabling more communication. 

School Messaging 

Lately, schools have also jumped on the business messaging bandwagon. Administrators have begun sending out schoolwide messages with phone calls, but also accompanying text or SMS messages, referred to as a “blast.” Most of these messages are particularly important and announce things like changes to the schedule or last-minute updates. They are also used as school-wide reminders. On a classroom level, teachers can use business messaging to send their students/parents reminders.  

Schools can also use business messaging in case of emergency. This is particularly important to the parents in the district. This allows schools to notify all parents at one time, letting them know what is happening at the school and giving vital information to keep everything under control. 

Reap the Business Messaging Benefits 

There are a plethora of business messaging use cases that can benefit your business. RyTel Hosted is here to help you add business messaging to your setup. Contact us today to start communicating better with your employees and customers. With our business messaging, you can even keep your existing business’ main phone number, which is vital to creating a cohesive customer experience! 

RyTel Hosted

For services such as VOIP, Hosted PBX, or SIP Trunking- RyTel Hosted Voice provides excellent support and services to ensure you get the most out of your business communications, whichever solutions suites your business needs we got you covered.

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