Business Mobility and Unified Communications

Business Mobility

Let’s think about the first thing you did when you woke up this morning. Did you pour a cup of coffee, or maybe take the dog for a walk? Or are you like the 80% of people who check their cell phones within the first 15 mins of being awake? It’s okay if you did. You clearly aren’t alone.

As a society, we are all becoming more and more reliant on that tiny little portable computer that fits in our pockets. Everyone’s got one, and they are essentially becoming an extension of who we are. Team members want mobility in the workplace. Instead of fighting against these changes, let RyTel show you how you can equip their mobile devices to your advantage with business mobility.

What are the benefits of business mobility? 

Let’s talk about the benefits your business can experience with mobility! First and foremost, mobile Unified Communications enables even more flexibility than just your traditional UC. Your employees can take it anywhere. Have a great idea on your commute to the office? Not exactly easy to whip out a laptop, but a cell phone? It was probably already out anyway.

Mobile UC creates fluid information flow. You can go from work desk, to cellphone, to home computer, all without leaving the platform. This produces a seamless experience, and that saves time.  No need to boot up your computer, when you can just click into an app and be ready to go. These benefits don’t have to be limited to just teammate collaboration either. They can enhance your customer service experience by dramatically improving response times.  

Remote work is a trend that is here to stay. Luckily, your remote workers can benefit just as much, if not more than in-office staff from mobile UC integration.  If you’re looking into mobile UC for its remote work benefits, we recommend giving this blog a read! It covers all of the benefits of UC for your remote work force.  

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How to implement a Mobile Unified Communications solution? 

Implementing business UC with mobility may seem a little daunting. However, fear not! Your team is already extremely well versed, and essentially self-trained in all things cell phone. Mobile UC is simple for employees to learn. 

Unified Communications has an array of features that generate a smooth transition between different devices. Some of these features are messaging, email, voice, files, and management. Just about any way you communicate through UC, can now happen remotely on any device. 

Chances are that your team members have already adapted a way to communicate between each other via mobile. It’s a tool that’s nearly impossible not to utilize. Integrating UC with business mobility will help them to do so more securely, since it will be on your secure platform.   

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There’s an app for that! 

A key feature in successfully implementing a business mobility is having access to a mobile app. A mobile app connects your team to the company’s phone system, which helps keep your business secure. RyTel Hosted automatically sets up both your team and you for success. 

In less than 10 years the percentage of people who own smartphones has increased from 35% to 81%. Why not let your team utilize the tools that they already have? Giving them a mobile UC platform will help secure your information and create a centralized platform where they can better communicate and collaborate with their teammates, and your customers.   

If you’re ready to bring mobile UC to your team, we at RyTel Hosted are here to help! Give us a Call at 801-662-0363 or email us at Your team will thank you! 

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