5 Ways Business Phone Service Increases Your Revenue

business phone service

Increasing your revenue is every business’s goal – from small businesses to large enterprises. Did you know that businesses of any size are increasing their revenue due to their business phone service?

A hosted phone service is a great tool that is being utilized by all businesses of varying sizes. It is perfect for extending your reach and giving your business the competitive edge that it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

5 ways business phone service can increase your revenue and cut costs so you can start profiting today:

1. Connects You More
2. Allows for Better Customer Service
3. Gets You More Information
4. Elevates Your Existing Plans
5. More Affordable than Traditional Services

Business Phone Service Connects You More

Traditional phone service leads you to a lot of busy signals and conversations never started. Who knows how many customers have been lost due to these circumstances? Hosted phone service for business helps you connect more.

Instead of giving calls the brush off, the right business phone service puts those calls on hold, and even gives them some music to listen to in the meantime. This helps your customers feel valued, as they know your team will get to them as soon as possible. If they never connected, chances are they’ll reach out to one of your competitors to have that conversation.

Additionally, as a business owner or operations officer, the right business phone service lets you keep an eye on the quality of the calls received so you can be sure your team is always putting their best foot forward.

VoIP also allows for better team communications. Instead of limiting to just one-on-one phone calls your team will have more ways to collaborate. Moreover, these conversations can take place no matter where your employees may be.

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Hosted Service Allows for Better Customer Service

Along with keeping you connected to customers through on hold options, the right business phone service improves your customer service in additional ways. For example, call routing and auto attendants improve satisfaction by helping your customers land where they need to be, the first time. No more playing phone tag and repeating their issues from employee to employee, building up their frustrations. It’s easier than ever to get your customers to the line they belong on.

Furthermore, your customers will be able to reach their optimal agent, even if they aren’t in office! Your employees can easily forward their calls to the devices they will be available through with just a couple clicks. This means they can have conversations with their customers anytime, from anywhere.

These features are extremely helpful to your business functionality, but they are also beneficial to your reputation. Business phone service makes you appear so much more professional to your customers. The more professional you appear, the more comparable you are to the big brands. This reliability gives you a competitive edge. Paired with your fantastic customer service, you’ll be gaining revenue in no time!

business phone service

Business Phone Service Gets You More Information

One of the best competitive edges that hosted phone service has over traditional phone service is its data. With your phone service being so easily accessible over the web, you will have significantly greater access to your business’s call information.

This makes it easier to evaluate performance with call logs that allow you see where productivity issues may lie. Hosted business phone service also allows you access to tools like call recording and real-time call monitoring so that you have complete control over how your business is being portrayed. These tools are also great aides for training.

If you need information on the go, the right phone service can provide that! As you can access it from anywhere. Whether you need to make calls, access reporting, or monitor your staff, you’ll have the capability – from anywhere!

Hosted Service Elevates Your Existing Plans

With hosted business phone service, you have so much more capability than traditional phone services. It is designed to easily integrate and improve your currently existing business plans and tools.

Moreover, you can link your business phone service to your CRM to allow for quicker access to customer information. This also allows you to better track those customers and use that data to improve your sales. The ability to view this data in real-time helps you make educated decisions on what has helped your team close sales, and what can work in the future.

More Affordable than Traditional Services

In addition to helping you make more money, hosted enterprise business phone service can also help you save that hard earned cash. As a business, it’s important to save on monthly expenses as well as unexpected up-front costs.

When compared to traditional phone systems, the cost upfront is astronomically more affordable. In fact, the initial setup of a cloud-based phone system could save you as much as 90% when compared to traditional PBX. Traditional PBX requires costly on-site hardware. Along with this hardware comes the upkeep required to keep it running smoothly. This means manpower.

With hosted business phone service, there’s no need to install expensive hardware. Most new equipment for hosted service is simply a desktop phone, and even that cost can be avoided. Desktop and mobile applications make it so that you can have your phone connection from anywhere you have internet available.

With less equipment in the closet, you won’t have to worry about hiring extra staff to keep your communications working. The maintenance falls on the provider, who has failovers in place to help ensure you stay connected in the event of service failures. This means you still get your reliable connection, with lower operational costs for you.

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RyTel Has Your Perfect Business Phone Service Solution

RyTel Hosted has your business’s best interest in mind. We focus on providing you with the perfect business phone service to set you apart from your competitors. Whether you’re looking to increase your flexibility, unlock useful tools, or gain more control, we offer your solution.

Businesses no longer need to be tied down by their substandard communication options. Hosted business phone service supplies you with the freedom you need to reach new heights and grow your revenue. Ready to find your perfect solution? Call RyTel Hosted 801.662.0363!

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