Leveraging Call Recording to Improve Your Business

call recording

Call recording is one of those many great business features you hear about all the time. But why isn’t your business utilizing this helpful tool? You may think it’s not worth it in the long run, or that you feel you’re invading your team and customers privacy by implementing this type of solution. 

Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth! A recent study revealed that over 60% of customers have cancelled transactions due to poor service experiences. In order to protect both your businesses reputation, revenue, and rear end, call recording is the perfect feature to cover all your bases and help elevate your business communications. But what exactly is call recording? 

Call Recording 

Call recording is a straightforward feature. It’s a built-in software to monitor and listen in on your businesses calls. You might be wondering, is it legal to listen to these calls? Absolutely! You simply have to have a prerecorded message in place that notifies the caller that their conversation is being recorded, and you’re covered! 

While it may feel like an odd feature to add to your phone system, the benefits of call recording outweigh any of the uncertainty it may be causing you. 

Call Recording and Team Growth 

Call recording and team growth are two terms that fit perfectly together when it comes to improving your business strategies. There are some model situations where these two ideas perfectly suit each other: 


One of the most obvious benefits to call recording is the capability to use it as a training tool.  Whether you have a brand-new team member or perhaps someone who is performing lower than expected, call recording can help! It’s a great way to show what an exemplary call should look like so previously mentioned team members know how to best model their sessions. 

Improving Customer Service 

Going hand in hand with training, call recording is also beneficial for your customer service team. With call monitoring, it is easier to see what went wrong during a call and correct it for future conversations. Whether it be caused by a less than dedicated team member, a fault in your company’s product, or simply a disgruntled customer having a terrible day. You’ll be able to easily catch the occurrences and reevaluate the situations to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

Additionally, you’ll also be able to view the evolution of your customer service and see all your hard work come to fruition. With the capability to look back, you can see all the small changes you’ve made along the way and note what has helped your business advance. 

Lead Development 

Lead development is an additional benefit of call recording working to help with your business’s growth. Having all the information from your previous calls, both successful and failed, will help you strategize. You’ll be able to see what your customers have responded positively to and build a sales pitch around this information, thus helping you land more opportunities with every call. Plus, you’ll have the past information on those customers easily accessible if you missed any details specific to their needs. 

Call recording is also a useful tool for familiarizing additional team members of sales situations so that customers do not have to recount their story repeatedly. The teams can simply review past calls and be all caught up on their needs. 

Building Efficient Operations 

Compiling past information allows you to build business operations off facts and statistics specific to your business. This means they’re more efficient to your team and your customer base. You’ll have the information needed to know which steps work and cut out nonproductive ones. This helps streamline your business processes and leaves customers with fulfilled interactions. 

call recording

Protect Your Business with Call Recording 

More than just a team growth tool though; call recording can be used for a plethora of additional situations. For instance, it’s helpful for keeping an eye out for details that may have been missed about your customers during calls. It allows you to listen to conversations as many times as needed, so nothing important slips through the cracks. 

Moreover, call recording aides in solving disputes. The capability to replay these less-than-optimal conversations allows you to see what went wrong and verify the solution. If this dispute was customer specific; you now have documentation to resort back to if need be. If it pertains to a company-wide process that may need to be eliminated, it’s a helpful tool for finding that process! 

Finally, call recording can be used to learn what your customers are saying about your business. How are they using your product? What are the common complaints? You have access to all these calls and should be using this information to improve your business. Assess what your customers are saying to grow your business and reach new heights. 

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Improving Your Business with RyTel 

Call recording is the perfect feature for any business looking to gain more control over their company’s narrative and protect their hard-earned reputation. It is an exceptional training tool that can be utilized daily to help set your customer service apart and quickly grow your team. Finally, it helps keep your business protected in the event of a dispute.  

At RyTel Hosted, we are here to help improve your business with great features, like call recording! If you think call recording is a great move for your business, give us a call at 801.662.0363 or email us at info@rytelhosted.com

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