Cloud Based Phone System Benefits

cloud based phone system benefits

This year is finally your year to make the switch to a cloud based phone system, and here’s why. As I’m sure you’ve heard, cloud based telephone service is way more feature-packed and cost effective than traditional PBX systems. Not only are they a serious upgrade, cloud based voice services are also a smarter strategic play for SMBs. Let’s dive into the benefits:

Beyond Simple Voice

With a cloud based system, you’re reaching beyond simple voice or SIP trunking. And diving into a full Unified Communications solution. The value of integrating data, voice, and video communications over a single IP network comes in the improved ability of people to share, discuss, and develop ideas with colleagues anywhere in the world.

Top Benefits of a Cloud Based Phone System

  • Voicemail-to-Text Email: Voice to text transcription sent right to your email.
  • Mobility: Take your business number with you anywhere.
  • Presence: Instantly see who is available to talk or chat.
  • Messaging: Enterprise messaging to keep teams communicating.
  • Video Conferencing: Real time video collaboration and meetings.
  • Text / SMS: receive and send texts from your work number.

Extending Your Budget

A cloud based phone system allows you to scale up (and down) as needed. Meaning you can add or remove as many extensions as they need to accommodate shifting seasons. Additionally, migrating to the cloud is proven to be less expensive. You see cost savings in the form of little to no upfront equipment investments and you no longer have to keep knowledgeable staff in house to maintain your phone system.

Business Continuity

With a cloud based phone system, your communications services can go with you anywhere. Additional reliability in the form of geographic redundancy means you never have to worry about service interruptions due to unexpected issues or scheduled maintenance. Your business maintains a consistent presence to keep operations running smoothly, even when facing uncertain times.

Your RyTel Cloud Based Phone System

Unbeatable reliability and fully Hosted PBX functionality are at your disposal when you choose RyTel for your cloud based phone system. Our geo-redundant platform delivers 99.999% reliability for your voice services. True local service, with live professionals, guarantees exceptional customer service. While our pricing plans give your business the flexibility to scale when you’re ready.

Call us today for a no-hassle conversation on switching to RyTel!

RyTel Hosted

For services such as VOIP, Hosted PBX, or SIP Trunking- RyTel Hosted Voice provides excellent support and services to ensure you get the most out of your business communications, whichever solutions suites your business needs we got you covered.

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