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CenturyLink Lumen Changes to Service

Are you currently a CenturyLink (Lumen) customer? As you may be aware, there are some impending changes on the horizon. We want to help you get ahead of the challenges that these changes bring so you can flourish with a new company.

What Are These Changes? 

CenturyLink is rebranding as Lumen, focusing instead on Fiber Internet and no longer focusing on its hosted customers. While fiber internet is a great technology, your hosted service requirements still need to be met. Usually what happens in these situations is you’ll start to experience a decline in quality of service. Their main concern, and therefore effort, will be put into fiber.

As they start to lose customers, the ones that remain will eventually be sold off to another company. You can end up with a provider who doesn’t offer the features you like, or maybe even a company you’ve left in the past due to conflicts of service. The control is solely in your providers hands at that point.

There is also the chance that they may opt not to pass their remaining customers to another provider. They could simply choose to drop the services altogether, leaving you high and dry.

Change Can Be Scary 

We know choosing a new hosted company can be intimidating. Selecting a provider ahead of the forced change puts the ball back in your court.

At RyTel Hosted, we let you keep your existing phone hardware, saving you money upfront and making the switch that much easier. We offer products that you are familiar with, and services that will exceed your expectations. Plus, our Hosted Phone Service is packed with benefits like:

  • Mobile App – Access your communications from anywhere you have internet access.
  • Cloud Management – Full control of your communications where you need it.
  • Useful Features – You’ll get voicemail-to-email, call routing, and so much more.
  • 99.999% Availability – You can rely on our service to be there when you need it.

We’ve Got Your Hosted Lumen Service Switch Covered

At RyTel Hosted, we provide not just a great communication product, but also great service that you can rely on. If you’re affected by the change to your hosted Lumen telecom services we’re here to help! We are experts in communication solutions and will get you switched over and up and running in no time!

Call Us Today at 801.662.0360 or Check out our hosted services page to learn more about what we offer!

RyTel Hosted

For services such as VOIP, Hosted PBX, or SIP Trunking- RyTel Hosted Voice provides excellent support and services to ensure you get the most out of your business communications, whichever solutions suites your business needs we got you covered.

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