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RyTel is a communications solutions provider committed to helping veterans succeed in the business world. While providing wonderful service and solutions to our customers, RyTel looks to give back by hiring those who serve our country and providing them with a positive work environment. Kristina Niles is a member of the Army National Guard, and treasured employee of RyTel. The following interview with Niles discusses her service to our country as well as her employment with RyTel.

Army National Guard & RyTel Hosted

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I went to college for Fine Arts, and my hobbies include hiking, getting out in nature, and oil painting.

I’m in the Army National Guard and I’ve been serving for about 8 years now (coming up in September). I’m an aviation operations specialist – which is a fancy name for air traffic control – working on apache helicopters. We regularly have field trainings, meet once a month, and have annual trainings.

My career with RyTel has introduced me to many new things, as I only had a basic IT background when I started. Mark is awesome and takes care of his staff. He wants to be able to hire vets and take care of them because of their great sacrifice and dedication. Working for RyTel definitely feels like family.

Q: What made you want to join the Army National Guard and what are your duties?

A: After college I wasn’t sure what to do; I didn’t want a basic, random job. My dad was in the army for 12 years, then a bomb tech, and finally, he became a cop. So, at the age of 23, I wanted to push myself.

I started thinking about the Army National Guard after hearing a commercial. The Army National Guard can be part time, which was a better fit for me than any of the other armed forces. I scored high enough on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to get into aviation. After getting sworn in, basic training was in Fort Jackson, SC. I quickly found out that if you’re respectful and know how to listen to directions, basic training can be a good time.

Q: How has your service influenced your life?

A: My family is very close, so being in the Guard makes more sense for me, as you are not away from home so much.

I will be staying in the guard for 20 years to earn my retirement. I hope to become an apache pilot, and I would be the first one in my unit in over a decade. Training to become a pilot will take about 2 years.

Q: When looking at working at RyTel, what set them apart as a company you want to work for?

A: I work on radios with the Guard, and this was a natural next step, to go into the communications field. The IT section and communications field really drew me to it. RyTel looked really professional and neat. I also like to travel and meet new people. So, getting to visit the clients and set up their phone systems was really appealing to me.

Q: What are you hoping to get out of working with RyTel?

A: I want to grow with this company. Someday, I hope to become a trainer, lead, or supervisor. With the Guard and becoming a pilot, it will likely take 2-5 years to be able to just start my training, but I’m willing to put in the effort. And so is RyTel, they understand my commitment to service and fully support it while training me for my new career.

Q: RyTel has a lot of focus on helping Veteran’s succeed in the business world. How do you think you can better help them achieve this goal?

A: I would love to help spread the word on who RyTel is and what they do for Veterans. People should know about RyTel’s tight-knit family feel, and how willing RyTel is to work with those in or previously in service in order to learn new skills. RyTel keeps its employees learning, growing, and active. The idea of having a career for the future gives Vets an upper hand and something to look forward to. And RyTel provides that.

Q: What are some things you think others should know about RyTel or any of the people there?

A: RyTel is a company you can trust. People should know how communications work and what RyTel can do with Telecom. But most importantly, the work environment here is wonderful, and I’m happy at RyTel. The company is so tight-knit, that we are more like family. RyTel is not focused on money or revenue, our focus is about being good people and doing the right thing. The people here are amazing, and I love that they are always willing to go out of their way to help clients and figure out the best solution for them. This is a family company and I think it is going to grow to be amazing.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women who have served to protect our freedoms and this is something we are able to give back to them for their sacrifice. After studying several non-profit Veterans organizations, Jeff, a veteran and our Project Manager and I decided Warrior Rising encompassed the values and goals we were looking for. I wanted to help. I have many family, friends, and coworkers that have proudly served in the United States Armed Forces, so I didn’t hesitate.”

Mark Koon, Owner of RyTel Hosted

RyTel is committed to supporting our Veterans. New customers with RyTel will have 10% of their monthly bill donated directly to Warrior Rising. Veteran-owned businesses not only have 10% of their monthly bill donated to Warrior Rising, but they also will receive 2 FREE months of service upon sign up along with a 27% discount off our full featured, World Class Hosted VoIP Phone Service.

RyTel Hosted’s key to success is its on-site service, installation and training supported 24/7/365 by a world-class client services team. Services provided by RyTel include hosted PBX, VoIP, and business communications solutions. Our clients are small, medium and enterprise-level businesses. You can contact members of RyTel at 801.662.0360 or email us at

RyTel Hosted

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