Internet and Phone Service for Your Nonprofit 

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Choosing the right nonprofit internet and phone service is vital for the purposes of your organization. After all, communication is key to the success of a nonprofit organization. In order to properly champion your cause, you must utilize a reliable and trustworthy phone and internet connections. When your nonprofit utilizes a cloud-based phone solution, you can rest assured that you will be able to connect with your donors, beneficiaries, and volunteers.  

When looking for a great nonprofit phone provider, it may be prudent to search for a great nonprofit internet provider. After all, the success of a cloud-based phone solution depends greatly on the internet connection the nonprofit utilizes.  

What Should Nonprofit Internet Look Like? 

As you search for a nonprofit internet provider, don’t count out smaller name providers. Some small providers give you many options to choose from. If you need installation and integration help, nonprofit internet providers can offer you that service.  

What Should a Nonprofit Phone System Look Like? 

As a nonprofit organization, you need to constantly have your bottom line in mind. You need to ensure that the decisions you make regarding billable services rendered to you are cost effective and worth your precious dollars. Because of these budgetary constraints, cloud-based solutions just make sense.  

Your nonprofit internet and phone solution needs to offer several specific features, all of which cloud-based phone solutions have. Some of these features include:  

Call Forwarding Allows users to pass calls to the correct employee/volunteer.  

Text Messaging Many people prefer to receive communications through text messaging. Now, your phone system can send SMS messages for you. You can also use automation for messaging appointments, reminders, and special events.  

Call Routing Before anyone even answers the phone, you can set up call routing. This tells the system which phones to ring and in which order.  

Voicemail to Email If you miss a call, your voicemail can automatically transcribe your messages. This makes it easy to prioritize responses.  

Mobile AppsCan be installed on devices that have access to the internet. This is important for nonprofit organizations because volunteers may not have a central office to work from. With mobile apps, volunteers can work from anywhere.  

Call Recording Is important for training purposes. It even enables users to refer back to a conversation as needed.  

Reporting Reporting can give you great insight. With the data provided, you will know when your high traffic times are and how to staff appropriately. You can even find out which workers are the most successful in your voice campaigns with the help of cloud-based solutions.  

Nonprofit Internet and Phone Needs 

Your nonprofit may be small now, however, you need to think about the future of your nonprofit. If your organization grows, you will need the right solution to support that growth. A cloud-based solution is scalable, flexible, and reliable. 

Scalable – Adding and removing users is a click away when you use cloud-based solutions.  

Flexible- As mentioned earlier, cloud-based solutions have mobile applications that make it possible to access the system from anywhere. This allows workers to choose where they work from, making it the most flexible phone solution available.  

Reliable- Internet-based solutions are more reliable than traditional methods of receiving solutions. That is because georedundancy has fail-safes in place to ensure that uptime is as close to 100% as possible. 

Find A Trusted Provider 

Here at Rytel Hosted, nonprofit organizations are near and dear to our hearts. We offer all the support we can to help those who help others. Not only do we treat our own employees like family, but our clients and their employees get our love and support as well. Contact us today so we can discuss nonprofit internet and phone solutions and how we can help you get the services you need.  

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