What Is Unified Communications?

what is unified communications or uc

What is Unified Communications or UC? Unified Communications (UC) provides a platform where you can access a plethora of different communication channels under one roof. It becomes your home base for all things, voicemail, telephone, audio/video conferencing, chat, and fax.

In the past, companies have had to invest a lot of time and money implementing individual communication channels. They’d have one carrier network for all things voice related, such as calling, voicemail, and conferencing. But they’d then need another carrier for data centered communications like email, instant messaging, and even fax! But with Unified Communications (UC) it’s all bundled together for you in an easy to access, one-stop shop for your entire team. 

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

Why Use Unified Communications? 

When you choose to implement a Unified Communications solution, you are not just using a single tool or product, but rather a collection of solutions that a business chooses to establish. On this platform nearly all technologies in the business work together, smoothly and securely. When using UC, the software effectively blurs the lines between the channels, and makes flexibility more accessible. An individual in your company can send information using one medium, and the recipient can access it using any medium of their choice. For instance, you can receive a voicemail, and can access it via email or mobile phone. 

A UC solution assembles a variety of elements and uses them to help integrate multiple communication platforms. One of the biggest selling points of UC, is how it portrays the sense of presence in your communication. It helps you express your availability to all parties trying to communicate with you. It also allows a sender to know whether they will be communicating with their intended recipient in real-time or non-real-time. If a customer calls a call center to ask a question about a specific topic, they no longer have to engage in a bunch of back and forth emails, but can be forwarded to an expert in real time who can provide them with a timely answer.

UC Offers Flexibility 

Another great feature of UC is its mobility. Any user can stay connected from wherever they are, whenever they need. Some of the best features that make it so mobile friendly are the extension mobility and the single number reach. These are absolutely essential for UC. Utilizing this feature means that using an office extension can enable a person to call, receive calls, chat, and so much more using softphone or mobile phone apps to access their communications anywhere. 

Some UC platforms even use a web-based user interface. This means you can control calls using a web browser, and even manage different aspects of it. All online! Anything from fax support, conferencing, collaboration, and even notifications.

Then there are the collaborative aspects. The ability to collaborate is an especially exciting feature if you want to present your employees with more flexible work options.  They can work from wherever needed, still working as a team. 

With UC opening the doors of communication by creating a collaborative, flexible, and intuitive platform for businesses, the benefits are limitless. UC not only helps increase productivity, but also helps lower costs by being your companies only needed platform for communication. Additionally, with all these benefits, your customer’s satisfaction has never been easier to improve.  

Unified Communications solutions might be the perfect move for your company. Call our UC experts at 801-662-0363 and launch your move to Unified Communications today!

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