VoIP: The Nonprofit Phone Systems of the Future

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As an organization whose main purpose is not focused on generating income, it is important to watch the bottom line closely. Even though the nonprofit industry makes up $1.04 trillion in our gross domestic product, most of that money does not stay within the organization. Any extra expense can mean a big difference in the outcomes over the year.  

An outdated nonprofit phone system could be an extra expense costing your organization money. As technology and communications advance, it can be hard for these organizations to keep up. New technology can be very expensive, keeping nonprofits far behind other types of organizations. 

Affordability for Nonprofits 

While this is true for many devices, it is not necessarily true for nonprofit phone systems. Phone systems today have many features that justify an extreme cost. However, modern phone system providers have made it possible for you to have the service you want at the price you need. 

There is one thing for sure, no matter the size, nonprofit organizations have the same needs as for-profit organizations. Clear, reliable phone service is a must in order to effectively and efficiently run your organization.   

VoIP for a Nonprofit Phone System 

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a reliable nonprofit phone system. This reliability comes from VoIP using internet connections for phone service. When your phone system is hosted on the internet, the network it is a part of does not go down during power outages or cable cuts. Due to these factors, many VoIP systems have over a 99% uptime.  

As mentioned above, VoIP systems are hosted on the internet. This means you will not need physical phone lines to have phone service. This cuts down on monthly bills, as you will no longer be paying the phone companies for service.  

The best part of a VoIP system is the overall low costs. You pay a low monthly fee for the service and that is it! No longer do you need to pay for any maintenance work, updating, or IT professionals to run your service. All of that is done on the back end through your VoIP provider.  

VoIP Features 

VoIP phone systems are full of features that make running a nonprofit more efficient and effective. With many nonprofits, communication is of utmost importance. A good phone system can help. Some features of a VoIP system that would make an ideal nonprofit phone system are:  

Voice: Most importantly, a VoIP phone system provides clear voice calls. Static and dropped calls are not an issue.  

Mobility: VoIP phone systems have the option to forward phone calls to mobile devices through both call forwarding and through the mobile apps that come with the service.  

Call Forwarding: Call forwarding allows one person to answer the phone and push the call to another recipient. Call forwarding can even be set up as a call rule when no one is available to answer the call.  

Call Rules: The admin of the nonprofit phone system can set up the call rules for the line. This includes what happens to the call during after business hours and holidays. Call rules can also be set to forward phone calls to certain devices. 

Call Park: You can improve your customer service with call park. This feature allows you to multitask without your caller hearing the goings on of the office.  

Voice Messaging: VoIP systems are set up for voice messaging with alerts.  

Voice Message to Email: As you receive voice messages, you can have your system email you a transcript of your voice message.   

Make a Difference with Rytel 

Here at Rytel, we love working with companies and organizations that give back. Our nonprofit phone system is packed full of all the features your nonprofit organization needs. We are no strangers to nonprofit organizations (Check out our partnership for more information) and are truly grateful to provide you with the service and support you deserve. 

You deserve a phone system that helps you accomplish more for your community. Call us today at 801.662.0363 to get started with a reliable nonprofit phone system!

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