9 Text Message Templates to Schedule Appointments Better

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If you’re like us, you think business text messaging sounds great. The problem is that adding SMS messaging can seem like it’s just adding “one more thing” to someone’s plate. With 61% of businesses wishing they could send and receive texts from their main business number, business messaging has become a very desirable communication avenue. The good news is RyTel has made business text messaging easy with the use of text message templates and our incredible messaging platform, RyText!  

As you get started with business text messaging, you have the ability to streamline your messages. This organization and patterned messaging can cover a whole plethora of use cases. Once the programming is set, your business will be more efficient, and your customer service will improve.  

We want your transition into utilizing business text messaging to be as smooth as possible. That’s why we created these text message templates that you can use right away

Tips for Text Message Templates 

As you put these templates to good use, there are a few things to keep in mind. These tips and tricks will be sure to help your company stand out amongst your competitors.  

  • Make text message templates personal. Be sure to use the recipient’s name in your messaging. This will help your recipient feel as though the message was meant just for them, and people in general like to feel special. A personalized text helps create this feeling.  
  • Make text message templates specific. Including dates, times, and names helps clear up confusion when it comes to text messages. The more specific you can make a template, the more “life-like.” 

Text Message Templates for Appointments 

Some of the most time-consuming activities of a business can be setting up appointments. Below you will find three different areas where templates can help speed up this process. And to help you out even further, Rytext has crafted three templates in each area that you are free to use! 


Your customers are not always available when your employees call them. By sending out a text message ahead of time, you can give your customers the opportunity to call when it is convenient for them. This is an added layer of customer service that customers will love.  

  • Template 1: “Hello [name], it’s time to schedule your annual exam. Please call the office at [phone number] at your earliest convenience to set up your appointment.” 
  • Template 2: “Hello [name], you have an appointment on [date and time]. Please confirm by texting C.” 
  • Template 3: “Hello [name], we need to reschedule your appointment. Please contact the office at [phone number] to reschedule at your earliest convenience.” 


It is important to communicate clearly with your employees, especially if you have remote or hybrid workers. RyText has made that easy for you with message templates for setting meetings.  

  • Template 1: “Hello [name], are you available [date and time] for a collaborative meeting about [project]?” 
  • Template 2: “Hi team, our next staff meeting is set for [date and time]. Please let me know if you are unable to attend.” 
  • Template 3: “Hello [name], annual evaluations are coming up. Let’s set a time to discuss this further.” 


Setting templates for job applicants is useful, especially if you have a high volume of applicants. These templates offer clear information to your applicants, so they know exactly where they are in the interview process.  

  • Template 1: “[Name], thank you for applying for [position]. We will be reviewing resumes and will contact you next week with further information.” 
  • Template 2: “[Name], we have reviewed your resume and are excited to offer you an interview with us on [date and time]. Please let us know if you need an alternative appointment.” 
  • Template 3: “[Name], at this time, we will not be moving forward with your application for [position]. However, we would like to thank you for applying.” 

Get Started With RyText 

RyTel Hosted‘s RyText allows your workers to utilize templates to help streamline the workday. With customization, mass texts become more personal for the receiver. This helps improve relationships with clients and coworkers.  

If you would like to further discuss how RyText can improve your business interactions, please reach out to one of our specialists! You can also head over to our RyText site to check out our pricing.

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